Zeta Zeta Spotlight

2018 CoatDrive

A Friend Indeed

On December 10, Zeta Zeta Chapter reactivated our Amicae Auxillary and inducted/reactivated a total of 5 Amica.

  • Sandra Davis
  • Emma Jackson
  • Peggy Keyes
  • Margarity McCarthy
  • Eddie Veazey.

This month’s Zeta Zeta Spotlight is Soror Julia Veazey, who was interviewed about her experiences thus far as our new Amicae Coordinator. The interview questions and responses
are listed below.

  1. How excited are you about the reactivation of our Amicae Auxiliary?
    I am elated that we were able to accomplish this goal. The re-activation of our Amicae Auxiliary, after twenty-eight years, was a priority for the chapter and me personally. The initial chartering took place on October 26, 1988, and included two very special women in my life, my mother, Emma Jackson and mother –in-law, Eddie Veazey, these women were not only my “best friends” they were the “biggest cheerleaders” for Zeta Phi Beta Sorority then and now. It was a big disappointment when life happened and the auxiliary slowly disbanded. Re-activating the auxiliary and getting my mothers back involved has been my charge and my personal mission. Re-connecting and creating new memories of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc., at this stage in their lives makes me a proud daughter and Zeta!
  2. What does this Amicae Auxiliary mean in relation to Zeta Zeta Chapter?
    The Amicae Auxiliary’s purpose is to support our chapter by lending assistance with our public activities, especially community service projects, Zeta Initiatives, and most importantly, assist us as ambassadors of Zeta by promoting good public relations with other women and visibility in the communities we serve.
  3. How do you want Zeta Zeta Chapter to help maintain this relationship?
    The responsibility of maintaining a viable, functional relationship with the Amicae Auxiliary is paramount. As with all healthy relationships, they must be nurtured and given
    time, attention, and support. Zeta Zeta, must ensure that our friends are treated with respect and appreciation. We must demonstrate our support through inclusion and thoughtfulness, through trainings, and encouragement, through open and consistent communication and responsiveness. We must ensure that we assist in their maintenance and growth, by soliciting other like-minded women to join our Amicae Auxiliary. We must be committed and dedicated to the success and longevity of the relationship.
  4. What is the process to increase Amicae membership?
    The process to increase Amicae membership is outlined in the Zeta Amicae Standard Operating Procedures and Guidelines Manual, however a brief synopsis of the process is heavily dependent on quality “marketing and recruitment.” Likeminded  women is key. The organization defines, like-minded through identified qualities that may be considered “nonnegotiables.” For example: Team players, not stand along divas, community service oriented, positive, hardworking, professional, respectful, social, and friendly, just to name a few. Where do we look for those like-minded women? On our jobs, in our churches and organizations, in our families, neighborhoods, and through our friends. We then invite those persons to Zeta and Amicae public and social activities, to get to know them better, and exposing them to the organization and our ideals. Finally, we follow our manual, by inviting potential ladies to a planned social activity followed by a letter of invitation to membership.
  5. Are there upcoming Amicae activities planned that is open to anyone?
    Since we recently were re-activated as an auxiliary on December 9, 2016, our friends have not yet planned any activities, however stay posted to Zeta Zeta Chapter’s website for the announcement of Amicae events or activities that will be open for all to participate.
  6. How can you be reached for further information and questions pertaining to the Amicae Auxiliary?
    I can be reached through my chapter,  Zeta ZetaChapter, P.O. Box 599, Dolton Illinois 60419 or amicae@zetazetaonline.org