Zeta Male Network

Members of the Zeta Male Network are men who are related or married to members of our organization. The purpose of the network is two -fold:

  • To provide its members with an opportunity to participate in various service projects and events normally attended by members of the sorority.
  • To provide its members with an opportunity to interact with other men whose lives are impacted by members of the sorority.

Financial Obligations
The fee for annual membership is determined by International Headquarters and is instituted by the local chapter. Membership fees will include assessments and fees (as determined by the chapter in alignment with the requirements of the national office). You are expected to renew your membership annually. Membership fees cover the fiscal year beginning September 1st and ending June 30th.

The groups meets once a month as determined by the group. They may also participate in various service events with the chapter or on their own.

To learn more about the Zeta Male Network, feel free to contact their coordinator via email.